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With Kindoo, your top salespeople and experts can make and share videos of great customer stories, objection handlers and more. Your salespeople learn by example from any smartphone, tablet or laptop – and ultimately sell more. It’s like YouTube for your salespeople.


Our team lives in different places. Getting everyone together for classroom training is an expensive hassle. We’re always launching new products and updating existing ones.

With Kindoo, we quickly built a library of short videos covering our entire product line. We can easily make edits to make sure the info my staff gets is the latest and greatest. With Kindoo’s analytics, I can make sure they’re engaged and learning the right things.

As a result, they give customers the most-current, on-point information. And my team loves Kindoo. It’s better than the written FAQs we provide because they can learn by example. They finally have an easy training tool that comes to them.

Marketing Manager, Consumer Products


Customer stories, demos, role plays, objection handlers and more. It’s up to you. Make videos on any laptop, tablet or smartphone. Upload them to a secure, branded video portal for employees and partners. Kindoo can notify you when there’s a new video.


Watch on any device, anytime, anywhere. We take care of the technical stuff like encoding, storage and formatting. You get a great experience.


Sales managers see who’s learning what and make sure people are learning the right things. Sales support teams can measure engagement and make changes.



Salespeople deal with human beings, not theory. They love to learn what really works from other successful salespeople. It’s more practical and credible.


In sales, it’s not just what you say, but how you say it. Video is better than Powerpoints and PDFs at showing the how. Good video teaches you to be concise.


Salespeople are mobile, time-starved and bombarded with emails. If it’s not easy, they won’t do it. Watching short videos anytime, anywhere is easier and faster than reading.

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